5/28/2008 - Opening for the Funky Meters 5/30/08

It's been a good week. I had a nice couple of gigs with Shannon McNally last weekend. We did a bunch of Bobby Charles tunes and she really impressed me... especially being 7 months pregnant!

Today I'll be driving to JFK to pick up Earl Poole Ball (Johnny Cash, Gram Parsons, Buck Owens, Byrds) for an upstate gig with the Jack Grace Band. Earl was Johnny Cash's piano player for 20 years so I expect to hear some stories. Maybe some I can share...

This Friday Bill Malchow and the Go Cup All Stars will be on the main stage at B.B. Kings opening for the Funky Meters. Maybe I can steal some licks from Art Neville. Hope to see you there.

2/17/2008 - Opening for Buckwheat Zydeco
Last night I opened for Buckwheat Zydeco at B.B. Kings Blues Club here in New York. Opening gigs can be fun, but also a little stressful, as everyone is just staring at you waiting for the main act wondering who you are. But, the people tonight were really receptive and made us feel welcome. Dancing, singing along, and they bought some Cd?s, what more could you ask for?


Buckwheat played great. We all know about the accordion but he's also an awesome organ player which I didn't know. I also learned he hated Zydeco as a kid. One day Clifton Chenier (father of Zydeco) had him play organ with him and Buckwheat got hooked.

Buckwheat was a little sick, bronchitis I was told. So I couldn't really smooze with him. But I did like hanging with the band. Little Buck, Olivia, and all the rest of the entourage so nice to meet you...

1/24/2008 - Back in NOLA
I'm back in New Orleans once again. The Go Cup All Stars (New Orleans edition) played at Le Bon Temps Roule last night. I was joined by Alex McMurray(guitar), Brian Coogan (organ), Tom Sciples(bass), Carlo Nuccio (drums). Fun times in New Orleans!

thanks to Josh Paxton (organ), Doug Garrison(drums), and Jonathan Freilich(guitar) for sitting in.
1/19/2008 - Back in NYC. Symphony Space
Bubble played Symphony Space today. We performed the Beatle's Sgt. Pepper's accompanied by a small orchestra, sitar, tabla, harp, the works! The place was packed with a sold-out audience of kids and parents (and many Beatles nuts). What a treat!
12/15/2007 - In New Orleans
I've been in New Orleans since just after thanksgiving and am having a great time. Writing, practicing, meeting the good people. The weather has averaged around 75 degrees!

I've met some great keyboardists so far, Tom McDermot, John Gros, not to mention older friends like Joe Ashlar, Brian Coogan.

I've also gotten to know Charlie and Glinda at the world famous Donna's bar and grill. Nice people, Charlie, "the dawg", has those great stories! I've played two shows at Donna's. Simon Lott joined me last night and it turned into a fun one... Looks like I'll be back for Mardis Gras.

While the food here is great, I am jonesing for some NY Bagels.
10/13/2007 - Amsterdam
I'll be heading to Amsterdam and Paris for a little working vacation. You can catch me in Amsterdam at Bourbon Street Blues Club November 1.
9/14/2007 - Jack Grace Band
This summer I started playing with the Jack Grace Band. Jack calls his music "Weirdo Country Music".

You can hear me playing piano live with them at the Brooklyn Country Music Festival by clicking here. The song is called "True Tonight"

We will be recording a new record in February. The working title is called "Drinking Songs for Lovers". In the meanwhile come see at Rodeo, Barbes, Hill Country and on the road in DE, MD.
6/14/2007 - Bubble Recording / Show announced
I've been recording with Dave Foster and Tom DeVito of Bubble on a new Bubble album. No release date yet. One of the tracks is up on Bubble's Myspace site. Check out "Waiting for the Sun".

Also, We will be performing Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band for kids (and adults) at Symphony Space January 19th, 2008. The show will start at the musician friendly time of 11 am and will include strings, sitars, and all that.

Get your tickets here.
4/27/2007 - Recording with Andrew Vladeck
I'm excited to be in the studio with Andrew Vladeck and producer Kyle Fischer (Raina Maria) on Andrew's new record. Check Andrew's site for updates.
3/13/2007 - To Holland
I'm excited to be off to Holland with Jake, Simon and TBA on bass. I will try and post some pics or something...
2/21/2007 - Phew Phat Tuesday!!
Wow what a fun time at Rodeo!! Thanks to my kick ass band, the rodeo staff, thanks to Brian Mitchel, Brother Dave, Brian Seeger, and Casandra for sitting in!
2/08/2007 - Performing 'Dr John's Gumbo'
Fat Tuesday at the Rodeo Bar! February 20, 2007: Bill Malchow and the Go Cup All Stars performing "Dr John's Gumbo". After the album the band will let it rip. Here is the lineup:
Bill Malchow - piano/vocals, Simon Lott - drums, Jake Walker - guitar, Timmy "likes to party" Luntzel - bass, Arun Luthra - Tenor Sax, Chris Cheek - Bari Sax, Chuck MacKinnon - Trumpet, Johanna Stahley - Backup vocals/ percussion

Note: No Cover and Free Peanuts...
Also some more mardis gras type shows at Two Boots Brooklyn (18th), Scotland Yard(14th) and some late night solo shows at Banjo Jim's (in the works).